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Date: January 15, 2020
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ESI Analyst Releases HTML Export Format For SMS, MMS, Text And Chat Threading

ESI Analyst’s new export functionality delivers chat-based conversation threads paired with in-line media in HTML format. Images, animated GIFs, and video appear within the HTML as well as links to other attached documents, speeding analysis and review of conversation threads. Gone are the days of reviewing chat communications in cumbersome spreadsheets attempting to piece together chat-based conversations from WhatsApp, iMessage and more!

One of the most popular features of ESI Analyst is our 24-hour “conversation thread” rendering of SMS, MMS and other chat application data. This is because we treat each text message as an independent record in our system, allowing each one to be tagged independently as a stand-alone item separate from the entire text message or chat thread. Threads are then broken out into 24-hour subsets for easy review and bulk-tagging of relevant conversations. This approach allows for individual messages to be tagged separately from the entire conversation, preserving the ability to note privilege, confidentiality or protect the privacy of particular individuals. 

Now that same chat bubble look and feel available in our popular investigation and review interface is available to export as a stand-alone HTML document, allowing for easy review of text-based conversions and/or loading into another review platform. Now iMessage, WhatsApp, SMS, and MMS data can be exported so that legacy review platforms like Relativity, Concordance and others can see them as a “document”. Each export is paired with a customizable load file creating a parent-child relationship between a message and its attached media, similar to that of email.

ESI Analyst’s workflow is simple. Chat-based messaging data is loaded into the system whereby filters and other culling mechanisms are available to investigators working to identify relevant conversations. Exports can then be created based upon specific tagging, timeframes, or data related to specific matter actors. Once export options are selected, ESI Analyst generates a downloadable ZIP file that contains both the load file and HTML renderings of the individual messages, as well as the 24-hour threads. These HTML versions can then be loaded into a review platform of choice, or easily reviewed directly on someone’s desktop. All media, such as images and video, even animated GIFs are rendered inline, including emojis!

Control Numbering

As with any legal proceeding, control numbering is vital to ensure record consistency and reference to the original data source. ESI Analyst allows for each message in a thread to have an optional hyperlink back to the individual message, making desktop review of text-based conversations simple. Also each individual message can be exported with the control number located in either the header or footer of the HTML version of the message.

Redaction Feature

Further to export of chat threads, specific messages can be redacted with a placeholder, indicated with a label of your choice. For example, say you had a message that included pictures of an individual’s family members that are minors. These images could easily be tagged as “private” and then excluded from the 24-hour chat thread with a placeholder, demonstrating the full context of the conversation while protecting the privacy of uninvolved parties.

Below is an example of ESI Analyst’s text-message HTML export with a redaction placeholder.  

Kick those cumbersome spreadsheets to the curb and contact us for a full demonstration! We will gladly walk you through an example export using this robust feature of ESI Analyst that is sure to be a hit with both investigators and review teams alike trying to wrangle text-message analysis and review.

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