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When knowing where an event happened, geolocation data is invaluable to an investigation. In today's connected world geo data is present in many of the various data types collected, often times unbeknownst to the end-user. Many of today's mobile applications and digital cameras record geolocation when a place is visited, an app is opened or when a photograph is taken. When present, investigation teams can quickly identify where a case actor was located during matter specific time frames. Identifying this information can be important when compiling a timeline of events, confirming or contradicting testimony or even general habits that may help build context. Whatever the need, geolocation data is generally found in:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Mobile Device Activity
  • Online Transactions (reverse lookup using IP Address)
  • Computer Activity

ESI Analyst is able to perform geo lookups using latitude and longitude, physical addresses, or IP Addresses (down to a region or city). ESI Analyst groups like data types within geographical regions for quick identification of clusters of activity leveraging GPS coordinates, physical addresses or IP Addresses. In-map review, analysis, and tagging are available, providing legal teams and investigators with a way to perform review and tagging of relevant data directly in the map interface rather than having to use page-by-page review or lookup addresses using a mapping application. No more using spreadsheets to review map data! 

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