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Investigators need access to tools that span many data types, and they need that in one platform. 

ESI Analyst keeps up with many disparate growing modern data types including corporate communications, conversations using devices, social media, geolocation, financial transactions, and many more structured data sources


Ufdr direct import

Import the UFDR directly from a Cellebrite collection with no formatting necessary (it happens automatically!)

actor matching

Create key actors from device contacts and associate them to their phone number, screen name, account etc.

frequency charts

Identify visually the frequency of SMS, MMS, chat applications, group chats, calls, and email data.

visual timelines

Create custom timelines automatically or from scratch that include communications, forensic data, geolocation, social media, financial transactions and more.

Simple Licensing

No per gigabyte fees! Predicable and affordable item-based licensing, with ability to archive inactive projects for cost savings.

Data Security

Two-factor authentication, paired with project role-based user level permissions, and PII field level encryption for data security and regulatory compliance.

tag individual or bulk messages

Isolate and tag individual text or chat messages or bulk tag the complete conversation.

Chronological view

Chronological views display all data types. Computer Activity, Communications, Social Media posts all display in the order of activity.

translate on the fly

Translate individual messages or conversations on the fly or identify languages and translate the entire project.

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