Dynamic Charts

Instant data insights appear as you load data for analysis and review. Quickly understand your data with interactive charts and graphs. Each chart or graph allows you to "Click-Through to Investigate" and begin review of that particular data set. Some charts allow for dynamic update by clicking on the key name to redraw the chart accordingly. Advanced analytics are available across all data types, which include:

  • Communications
  • Computer Activity
  • Geolocation
  • Transactions
  • Social Media

Leverage ESI Analyst's suite of data visualization and analysis tools to immediately assess review needs without executing a search! The available charts and graphs allow for fast access to results honing in on information that is most important.  Charts are also exportable to PDF and PNG formats for drop in to various reports. 

Keywords were once king of the hill, with legal teams exchanging keyword lists and arguing over search criteria. Now context is taking over, as keywords, while useful, fall short of demonstrating the full intent and actions of a matter’s key players. Context is about defining not only the key documents, but understanding the actions of the matter's key actors. Data analytics is the answer to overcoming the page-by-page review methodology that only serves to increase costs and burden to the producing parties.

To see a simple demonstration of how our interactive charts and graphs work, click the slices of the pie chart or click on the chart key to see an introductory example of the dynamic interactions available.

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