Transactional Analysis

Is money changing hands at the heart of your investigation? While financial records are sometimes harder to come by in an investigation, if you do have them, they can reveal clear motivation of an individual or group of individuals' nefarious activities. ESI Analyst provides transactional analysis at your fingertips, providing a broad range of categories for quick bucketing and analysis of debits and credits associated with each. Using advanced filters you can isolate transactions associated with a specific Actor during a specific date range, or within a certain dollar amount.

We continually strive to improve upon ESI Analyst's transactional analysis capabilities, allowing for analysis of data extracted from structured systems such as QuickBooks, Apple Pay, eTrade or other financial record keeping system. Currently ESI Analyst allows you to organize financial data into the following transactional categories that allow for rapid data analysis logically separated into credits and debits:

  • Deposit or Withdrawal of Funds
  • Gifts Given or Received (value)
  • Interest Paid or Earned
  • Loans Made or Received (Monies, Assets)
  • Payments Made or Received
  • Purchase or Sale (Goods, Services, Assets)
  • Transfer In or Out (Monies, Assets)
  • Wages Paid or Earned
  • Other (Misc)

Relevant transactions can be quickly added to your investigative timeline to show when money was changing hands or when a financial deal occurred that is relevant to demonstrating motive. The chart to the left demonstrates a filtered set of transactions for a specific category spanning a three month period. Hover over the chart to see more or request a demonstration to see how this type of data analytics can improve your electronic discovery and investigation practice.


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