Timeline Of Events

Quickly create a timeline of key matter events leveraging our easy to use "Add to Timeline" review tagging technology, allowing you to demonstrate a series of Actions by specific Actors in chronological order. No more manual timeline creation, as you can make any review tag "timeline enabled" allowing you to filter to specific events, create case demonstratives, or rapidly prepare for deposition.

The Timeline of Events is the culmination of your investigative work, auto-revealing each key event and its correlating data in a sequential format, generating a clear preponderance of evidence for your investigative team. Each item may be viewed directly in the Timeline rendering, allowing each team member to see the associated email, chat, computer activity, or map showing an individual's location.

Looking to isolate a specific actor's actions on a specific day or throughout a specified time period? ESI Analyst's "On This Day" timeline tool enables you to see a targeted period of time unfold in chronological order, adjusted to the timezone of your choosing. Hone your review quickly to key dates and data types, as well as filtering by keywords and a specific Actor or group of Actors.

Whether you start your investigation looking at all of your data stacked in a timeline or you add key data to a timeline, you always have access.

Any item can be loaded to your timeline for creating clear context to tell a the entire story leveraging your digital evidence and forensic artifacts. Add items such as:

  • Communications
    • Text Messages
    • Chats
    • Slack Conversations
    • Phone Calls
    • Voice Mails
    • Emails
  • Financial Transactions
    • Deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Purchases
    • Stock Trades
  • Social Media Posts
    • Images
    • Video
  • Computer Activity
    • Websites Visited
    • Folders Accessed
    • Electronic Documents (spreadsheets, word processing documents, PDF files)
  • Geolocation Data (with embedded map view)
    • Reverse Lookup of IP Addresses
    • Addresses Visited (zoom to street level)

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