ESI Analyst And New Jersey Legal Announce Strategic Partnership To Provide Modern Analysis On Emerging Data

Date: May 5, 2021
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New Jersey Legal Leverages Technology And Decades Experience To Ensure Clients Can Tackle Modern Data Challenges

May 5, 2021 – ESI Analyst and New Jersey Legal (NJL) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership that combines ESI Analyst’s groundbreaking technology with NJL’s Discovery Lifecycle Management solutions.  ESI Analyst has cracked the code on emerging data types such as text, chats and geolocation allowing forensic examiners, legal teams, and experts to tell the entire case story.  This partnership will allow NJL’s team and their clients to quickly access and analyze all available key communications, locations and activities in a single platform for investigations and litigation.

Founded in 1994, NJL has delivered powerful service offerings to their market and has grown into electronic data investigations and discovery by offering cutting edge solutions. Offering ESI Analyst to their clients allows NJL to leapfrog the competition with regard to modern data types. The need for expedient access to this data is critical and the ESI Analyst solution allows NJL fast and defensible analysis.

NJL always has successfully navigated challenging data types in investigations and discovery… now they just enhanced that ability to navigate

“Our goal is to enable legal professionals and their experts to analyze and review modern data while absorbing the whole story and creating efficiencies,” said Gary Overman, President of NJL. “ESI Analyst’s technology not only better equips our clients for these data types that are becoming more and more prevalent, but also empowers our clients with a new lens to look through for case strategy.  A lens that is quickly changing the way traditional and modern data types are handled.”

“The team at New Jersey Legal brings decades of experience and solutions to their clients and prospects,” said Rick Clark, co-founder and VP of Client Services of ESI Analyst. “Their service offerings, which now includes ESI Analyst, empowers investigators and cases teams to more quickly understand the truth.  NJL always has successfully navigated challenging data types in investigations and discovery… now they just enhanced that ability to navigate.”

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst stands out as a pioneer in modern data discovery and investigations, combining traditional document review with multiple forms of modern-day communications and disparate data types while reducing overall discovery spend. ESI Analyst allows legal teams and forensic investigators to tell the entire case story by combining multiple sources of digital evidence in a single platform.

About New Jersey Legal

NJL is a leading provider of Discovery Lifecycle Management solutions used for the planning, data acquisition, processing, review, analysis, production, and presentation of evidentiary data. We manage large scale paper and electronic discovery projects nationwide. At NJL, we have extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of advanced technology-enabled strategies and solutions that help law firms and organizations reduce costs and increase efficiencies when dealing with data-intensive projects.

For more information, contact:

Rick Clark, Co-Founder / VP of Client Services, ESI Analyst

Gary Overman, President, New Jersey Legal



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