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On average, for every single minute of the day, an estimated 91.3M* messages are sent electronically, and not one of them via email. Is your electronic discovery investigation platform prepared to handle today's modern data types?

*Sources: Slack and Collaboration tools estimated using 3 messages per minute average across 10 million users.

Social Media Posts
SMS & MMS Messages
Collaboration Tools
Messaging Apps

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Case Study Example
Dirty Deals And Underhanded Dealings Defeated Through Diligence

In response to a case of fraudulent deals, investigators utilized ESI Analyst’s active threading functionality to reconstruct conversations.

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When knowing where an event happened, geolocation data is invaluable to an investigation. In today's connected world geo data is present in many of the various data types collected, often times unbeknownst to the end-user. Investigation teams can quickly identify where a case actor was located during matter specific time frames.
Case Study Example
Rapid Identification Of Relevant Text Messages Expedites Production

ESI Analyst was able to reduce the gross message population of approximately 75,000 text messages by 91%.

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Understanding Communications

Understanding of communication trends and patterns are paramount to an investigation. ESI Analyst makes this understanding visually accessible by examining all types of communications spanning the entirety of your data set. Using our data visualization tools you can readily identify where communication mediums changed over the course of time, shifting from email to chat or text messages and back.


UFDR Direct Import

Import directly from one or more Cellebrite UFDR files without the hassle of spreadsheets!

Actor Matching

Create key actors from device contacts and associate them to their phone number, screen name, account etc.

Frequency charts

Identify visually the frequency of SMS, MMS, chat applications, group chats, calls, and email data.

Visual timelines

Create custom timelines automatically or from scratch that includes communications, forensic data, geolocation, social media, financial transactions and more.

Simple Licensing

No per gigabyte fees! Predicable and affordable enterprise licensing, with access to all ESI Analyst platforms!

Data Security

Two-factor authentication, paired with project role-based user level permissions, and PII field level encryption for data security and regulatory compliance.

Isolated custom tagging

Tag at the individual text message level, isolating specific communications in a thread as PII or any custom tag you choose.

Chronological View

Chronological views display all data types. Computer Activity, Communications, Social Media posts all display in the order of activity

Translate on the fly

Translate individual messages or conversations on the fly or identify languages and translate the entire project.


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