Playing Sherlock Holmes EDiscovery Style With ESI Expert Trent Livingston

Date: April 20, 2021
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That Tech Pod Interviews ESI Analyst CEO Trent Livingston On Modern Day Investigations

That Tech Pod is a podcast about eDiscovery, cybersecurity, data privacy, tech innovations and beyond co-hosted by Laura Milstein and Gabi Schulte. The podcasts focuses on interviews of legal industry thought leaders taking on topics spanning all things eDiscovery, data privacy, cybersecurity, and tech innovations. Every Tuesday they talk with industry “heavy hitters” in technology, services and legal counsel to break down various relevant topics according to that expertise.

Laura Milstein is a global eDiscovery and cybersecurity specialist.  She has a wide range of experience in the tech space with a main focus on litigation support in areas such as data processing, forensic collections, data storage, and artificial intelligence.  Laura loves diving deep in conversation and expanding her tech knowledge on That Tech Pod.

Gabi Schulte is a producer and writer based out of Washington D.C. She brings over 10 years experience in producing and storytelling with audio and video editing expertise. Gabi enjoys learning new things and having in depth conversations making That Tech Pod an exciting new opportunity to learn more about all things tech.

This week Laura and Gabi interview one of our very own, Trent Livingston, and discuss how the industry has evolved. The conversation focuses on the multitude of data types subject to discovery, especially modern forms of communications. With many people working from home, company conversations have shifted from the water cooler and conference rooms to Slack, MS Teams, text messages and chat applications. They discuss how the analysis of these data-centric communications are vastly different than document review workflows and how it can impact legal teams. Additionally, they touch on the many forms of digital evidence sources that can be utilized to ultimately tell the story of the who, what, when and where to help solve the mystery. What would Sherlock Holmes do with today's multitudes of modern digital evidence? 

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