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Playing Sherlock Holmes EDiscovery Style With ESI Expert Trent Livingston

CEO of ESI Analyst, Trent Livingston, discusses modern data types and communications during an interview with That Tech Pod.

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ProFile Discovery Partners With ESI Analyst To Expand Modern Data Analysis Offerings For Clients

ProFile Discovery partners with ESI Analyst to streamline the process in corporate chat and smartphone forensics analysis in one platform.

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Microsoft 365, Chats, And TAR, Oh My!

Three industry thought-leaders simplify Office 365, TAR, and collaboration tools, providing straight-forward solutions to e-discovery.

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Digital Discovery Partners With ESI Analyst To Ensure Clients And Partners Are Equipped To Review And Analyze Modern Data

Digital Discovery Partners with ESI Analyst to quickly access and analyze multiple forms of modern data in one platform.

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Forensic Risk Alliance Welcomes ESI Analyst To The FRA Pulse Portfolio

As a new addition to the FRA Pulse Portfolio, ESI Analyst will receive mentorship and provide its e-discovery services to the consultancy.

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Forensic Risk Alliance Partners With ESI Analyst To Expand Modern Data Analysis Offerings For Global Clients

Forensic Risk Alliance is deploying ESI Analyst across their global offices to help streamline smartphone forensics analysis and data review.

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ESI Analyst Continues To Pioneer Short Message Electronic Discovery And Review

ESI Analyst's latest software release allows clients to search 24 hour threads as a single document.

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June 11th: Explore The Next Generation Of Modern Electronic Discovery

Join industry experts as they discuss how to include emerging communication applications in discovery.

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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheet Production Of Text Messages!

ESI Analyst’s new export functionality delivers chat-based conversation threads paired with in-line media in HTML format.

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