Announcing Language Recognition And Machine Translation For Short Messages!

Date: February 22, 2021
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Identify And Translate A Wide Variety Of Language Pairs For Enterprise-Applications, Chat And Text Message Communications.

ESI Analyst, the data-focused electronic discovery review and investigation platform, announces the release of its Beta on-demand translation module, supporting over 80 languages. ESI Analyst’s Partners are now able to offer affordable and secure machine translation across a variety of mixed data types, without the requirement of upfront conversion of short messages to an unwieldy and cumbersome document format. ESI Analyst’s translation tools allow legal teams to rapidly understand conversational communications spanning multiple languages, even mixed languages, automatically recognizing the native language and translating to a designated target language.

To date, machine translation in electronic discovery has revolved around documents. Short messaging applications like Slack, GroupMe, and Teams, as well as chat applications like Wickr, Signal, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, or Viber have introduced a myriad of challenges to these document-based translation engines. The brevity and conversational nature of short messages combined with their mixture of emojis and changing language pairs causes many of today’s translation engines to stumble. Combined with the high cost of document-based translation services and requirement to identify the native language prior to translation, legal teams have hit a roadblock when it comes to translation and review of short messages.

ESI Analyst’s approach solves the problem of language recognition and conversational machine translation while keeping data security at the forefront. Short messages can now be translated at a single message level, 24-hour thread level or project wide with a simple click. Message views can be toggled between their original language and their translated version with options to produce either the original, translated version or both.

“Many of our Partners work with corporations and businesses that conduct their business across a global market, so communications between teams often span a variety of languages,” stated Trent Livingston, CEO of ESI Analyst. “The need for project-wide or message-level on-demand translation is becoming a requirement for many review teams. We are excited to be able to offer this capability to market and continue to lead the way in enterprise communication discovery.”

ESI Analyst is the pioneer in modern data discovery and investigations, combining traditional document review with multiple forms of modern-day communications and disparate data types, reducing discovery spend. ESI Analyst’s revolutionary approach to ediscovery allows legal teams and forensic investigators to tell the entire case story by combining multiple sources of digital evidence in a single platform.



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