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Announcing Language Recognition And Machine Translation For Short Messages!

ESI Analyst announces the release of its Beta on-demand translation module, supporting over 80 languages.

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ESI Analyst Releases New In-Thread Selective Tagging

ESI Analyst's announces its new in-thread tagging feature, allowing clients to tag and view conversations at the same time.

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ESI Analyst Continues To Pioneer Short Message Electronic Discovery And Review

ESI Analyst's latest software release allows clients to search 24 hour threads as a single document.

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New Import Workflows Simplify Deduplication Of Text-Based Communications

ESI Analyst releases significant updates to import workflows, simplifying the ingestion of metadata.

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It’s All About Location, Location, Geolocation

ESI Analyst is proud to announce the release of its export functionality that includes production of geolocation-based data.

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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheet Production Of Text Messages!

ESI Analyst’s new export functionality delivers chat-based conversation threads paired with in-line media in HTML format.

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ESI Analyst Deploys State Of The Art AWS Hosting Infrastructure

ESI Analyst’s updated state-of-the-art architecture now permits deployment of our platform anywhere AWS supports, including their GovCloud locations.

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Regular Expression Search Filter And Hit Highlighting Now Available

ESI Analyst recently deployed the ability to conduct regular expression searches across its various supported metadata types.

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ESI Analyst Rolls Out Additional Print Functionality Features

ESI Analyst announces new feature that allows our end-users to print full reports directly from selected pages.

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Introducing Custom Metadata Tagging

Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. ("TCT") is proud to announce the addition of custom tagging to their platform ESI Analyst.

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