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Trent Livingston, Founder and CEO of ESI Analyst, is a long-time veteran of the electronic discovery industry, entering the field in 2001. He began his career as a software tester and developer at Microsoft. Since his entry into electronic discovery, he has grown into an expert practitioner, providing testimony at both the Federal and State levels surrounding structured data, digital evidence, and data analysis.

In 2014 his life would change forever, as it was brought to light that members of Mr. Livingston’s family had been the victims of unspeakable crimes. However, before the victims could realize justice, the suspect committed suicide.

Because of this unfortunate turn of events, what was going to be a criminal case quickly led to civil litigation against the decedent’s estate. Suddenly Mr. Livingston found himself on the other side of the electronic discovery equation.

The evidence in Mr. Livingston’s matter was quite strong; the perpetrator’s family had worked hard to hide assets in order to avoid payment of damages to the victims. However, this evidence was in multiple disparate forms such as text messages, phone calls, voice mail, social media and financial data, all of which, when compiled in chronological order, depicted a telling story of fraud.

When seeking a solution to present these facts, much like he had done his entire career for many civil litigation matters, Mr. Livingston found that the expense of the discovery software outweighed the potential reward in his case. Additionally, while varied solutions existed, there was not a simple, easy to use and cost-effective solution to address the multiple forms of disparate electronic data relevant to his case.  

Mr. Livingston was facing the problem many face with the industry: the high costs of discovery paired with the issues of modern electronic evidence spawned from a multitude of disparate electronic sources. These issues were further exacerbated by the fact that his case was not one that counsel would take on contingency. Turned down by multiple law firms he was left to bear the full cost of his litigation out of his own pocket.

Mr. Livingston, given his background in programming, electronic discovery and data analytics, had used the three elements of who, what and when throughout his career in the context of every digital investigation he performed. After experiencing the burdening costs of litigation first hand, he made a promise to his family to put his experience and network to work to help solve the problems the civil litigation industry is facing.

ESI Analyst's mission is to democratize discovery and transform investigation technology and review.


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