Understanding Communications

Understanding of communication trends and patterns are paramount to an investigation. ESI Analyst makes this understanding visually accessible by examining all types of communications spanning the entirety of your data set. Using our data visualization tools you can readily identify where communication mediums changed over the course of time, shifting from email to chat or text messages and back. Using our metrics you can identify volume of data spanning:

  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Chat

Trends and patterns can be quickly analyzed to focus discovery on key time frames. Correlate patterns and filter by individuals linked to communication to visually identify common patterns that reveal where various matter actors may have been collaborating. Once a pattern is identified, click on that data point to reveal the communications in our chronological review interface, enabling faster electronic discovery that lower costs and speed rapid understanding of context.

Is your electronic discovery matter challenged by a myriad of communication data types that do not fit into the typical review tool "document" format? Take a look at ESI Analyst today and see how it can change the way you look at discovery and investigations.


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