ESI Analyst Continues To Pioneer Short Message Electronic Discovery And Review

Date: October 6, 2020
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Search 24-Hour Text Message Threads As A Single Document With Zero Upfront Conversion Cost

ESI Analyst continues to be the pioneer in modern data discovery and investigations, combining traditional document review with multiple forms of modern-day communications and disparate data types. Their latest software release brings yet another market innovation, allowing for 24-hour thread-level search of chat-based communications while continuing to maintain each message as an individual item. This revolutionary approach to modern electronic discovery preserves message-level metadata while avoiding upfront and costly conversion processes.

ESI Analyst is the first SaaS based electronic discovery investigation and review platform to ingest text-based communications at the individual message or “item” level while dynamically reconstructing 24-hour chat threads. This innovative and forensically sound ediscovery approach allows preservation of each message’s metadata as it existed on the original device empowering legal teams to manage control numbering, tagging and production at an individual message level while still being able to view a chat conversation in context.

Conforming with the Federal Rules, ESI Analyst preserves messaging data as it existed in the ordinary course of business, while allowing it to be rendered and produced in a usable “24-hour thread” similar to how it appeared on the original device. Keyword, Boolean and proximity searches can now be conducted against ESI Analyst’s 24-hour thread rendering as if it were a single "document", without an exhaustive and expensive pre-conversion processes.

Trent Livingston, CEO of ESI Analyst, explained the importance of this methodology as being, “paramount to a forensically sound process.” He elaborated further stating, “By ingesting chat-based communications at an individual message level, it also allows for deduplication to occur across multiple devices or backups. This creates comprehensive chat conversations where data may have been deleted from one device that may exist on another, essentially reconstructing a chat thread from multiple data sources.”

ESI Analyst’s proprietary deduplication and 24-hour threading processes are able to render text message conversations that span multiple chat mediums such as MMS, SMS and iMessage as well as assemble components of conversations across multiple devices and backups. This significantly reduces upfront conversion costs and allows legal teams to tag specific messages within conversations for issues of confidentiality, PII and privilege, addressing today’s demanding regulatory and privacy requirements.

ESI Analyst continues to be the most advanced and economical platform on the market today to review and produce mobile messaging and modern data spanning geolocation, computer activity, traditional electronic files, email and more.



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