New Import Workflows Simplify Deduplication Of Text-Based Communications

Date: May 4, 2020
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ESI Analyst May 2020 Release Announcement

ESI Analyst, the cutting edge platform tailored for modern data investigations and electronic discovery, announces their most recent update for Q2 of 2020! This latest release of ESI Analyst includes significant updates to import workflows, simplifying the ingestion of various metadata from a wide variety of digital evidence. 

“Our clients are continually challenged by text-based digital evidence such as MMS, Chat and SMS. The issue of deduplication is always a problem. This type of digital evidence is decentralized, unlike email. Given this decentralization, deduplication presents challenges when dealing with a large population of mobile devices and multiple backup sources”, explained Trent Livingston, CEO of ESI Analyst. “We’ve created new ways to allow for deduplication of mobile communications, which include global deduplication based on each individual message, or isolating deduplication to a device or custodian. These new capabilities greatly expand the power of our product. This is a very exciting release for us.”

In addition to the new import features, this release also incorporates several new features to expedite review of digital evidence, including hotkey navigation and search hit highlighting. The interface auto-advances to the key words, regular expression patterns or phrases being searched, allowing the analyst to quickly identify relevant data across multiple disparate sources of modern evidence. 

ESI Analyst is a standout platform for legal teams seeking to solve the problems surrounding modern evidentiary sources spanning text-based communications, geolocation, and computer and device activity. Combining this evidence in a single source investigation, analysis and review platform speeds matter insights and allows legal teams to tell the entire story based on the digital evidence. 

Modern electronic discovery requires a modern solution. ESI Analyst presents digital investigators and ediscovery professionals with a forward-thinking cloud-based solution enabling legal teams to collaborate and work together from any location.



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