Introducing Custom Metadata Tagging

Date: December 28, 2018
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Create Collaborative Workflows And Advanced Analytical Filtering Logic

Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. ("TCT") is proud to announce the addition of custom tagging to their metadata investigation and analysis platform ESI Analyst. ESI Analyst empowers digital investigators, legal teams and their clients to quickly isolate and extract relevant information and actionable intelligence from a wide variety of ESI in order to speed strategy development and improve matter collaboration and communication, while reducing overall case costs. The addition of custom tagging advances the platform's investigative capabilities. 

As with any type of legal review or investigative analysis, it is critical for an end-user to be able to isolate and mark items of relevance. Tagging is a crucial component to this process. ESI Analyst allows an end-user to not only tag items relevant to an investigation, but also to build out a set of tags particular to a facet of their analysis, such as the isolation of nefarious computer actions or unusual geographical locations of an actor. For example, an investigator might be working to isolate suspicious file activity surrounding metadata from a forensic image of a computer while an accountant is interested in identifying financial transactions related to folder access on that same computer. These team members can work side-by-side with custom tags geared towards their role in the investigation, enabling seamless project collaboration. 

Each tag is unique to its project, allowing for tagging workflows to be customized based upon specific project needs.

Furthermore, in order to quickly sweep large non-responsive data sets aside, ESI Analyst's advanced interface allows for the bulk tagging of data as desired by the end-user. Bulk tagging functionality includes the ability for project administrators to enable and disable tags, as well as remove tags in bulk if desired, empowering project managers with full control of their data sets and analysis workflows. 

Each tag is unique to its project, allowing for tagging workflows to be customized based upon specific project needs. Once a tag is created for a project, the tag can be leveraged for search filtering, enabling analysts to quickly drill down into relevant data sets. Using ESI Analyst's "Saved Search" functionality, tags can be incorporated into workflows so that a user may revisit searches when new data sets are loaded to the system, allowing them to pick up directly where they left off. 

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