Microsoft 365, Chats, And TAR, Oh My!

Date: January 25, 2021
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The Path Through Discovery With New Data And Technology Doesn't Have To Be Scary

Aired: February 3rd at 3:00pm ET

The ever-evolving state of technology and eDiscovery can be daunting. See three of the industry’s thought-leaders as they simplify Office 365 and Technology Assisted Review and provide straight-forward solutions to dealing with mobile devices and corporate chat applications.

Everything you always wanted to know about Microsoft 365 eDiscovery but were afraid to ask.
Sarah Thompson (nee Sims), Chief Product Officer, BlueStar Case Solutions, Inc.

In 2020, most corporations have adopted Microsoft 365 as their productivity platform of choice to take advantage of cost savings, easy collaboration from anywhere, and built-in eDiscovery features. Whether you are at a law firm or corporation, whether you are a Paralegal, Attorney, or part of the IT team, it's important to know what Microsoft's eDiscovery platform can do, and if, when, and how to use it. Sarah Thompson is one of the legal industry's foremost authorities on Microsoft 365's eDiscovery features and functionality having created legal technology integrations into the platform, managed installations, and consulted with corporations on adoption and integration of Microsoft 365 into their litigation readiness strategy. Sarah answered audience questions and going over the top questions and concerns she has encountered from the legal industry on the topic. 

Technology Assisted Review: Is it really that simple?
Alicia Hawley, Discovery Counsel & Chair of the eDiscovery & Litigation Services Practice Group (“Taft Discovery”) at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP.

“Technology Assisted Review” can elicit visions of a horror-movie-like aftermath of artificial intelligence gone wrong.  Robots smarter than programmers, vocabulary that might as well be a foreign language, concepts akin to rocket science.  The truth is, Technology Assisted Review is nothing more than an efficiency tool that is all but guaranteed to make your life easier and your client’s invoices lighter.  Alicia talked about ways to more easily digest TAR and to present it to clients, case teams and colleagues in a way that won’t send them running to the hills scratching their heads in confusion.

Communications in the Post Pandemic Era: How Our New Habits of Communicating will Impact Discovery
Rick Clark, Co-Founder and VP of Client Services, ESI Analyst

The pandemic has forced corporate communications to adapt to the virtual office. Real-time collaboration tools have grown in popularity as a result.  Chat applications like Slack, MS Teams, GroupMe and others are now the new norm. This shift is presenting new challenges for legal teams when formulating discovery requests and preparing for the volumes of data subject to discovery. Rick Clark, Co-Founder of ESI Analyst, illustrated the growth and challenges presented by this post pandemic era, including practical ways to address the evolving communication landscape.

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