Insight Optix And ESI Analyst Announce Strategic Affiliate Partnership

Date: February 16, 2021
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Relationship Brings Laser Focus To Early Case Assessment

NASHVILLE, TN and SEATTLE, WA, February 17, 2021 — Insight Optix and ESI Analyst announce a new collaborative partnership to help clients speed discovery assessment, address modern data sources, and reduce costs prior to processing.

Insight Optix, a SaaS-based technology company, offers the only solution in the market that empowers attorneys to deploy an actionable proportional discovery workflow that mitigates risk and initiates cost savings from the start of discovery. Bridging the gap between legal hold and collection, Evidence Optix® ranks custodians to the claims and defenses of a matter, quantifies the burden associated with data collection, provides centralized data source tracking, and calculates real-time cost projections for proportionality arguments.  

ESI Analyst, a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS solution, empowers collaborative metadata analysis and investigations on modern data. ESI Analyst allows disparate data like chat-based communications, applications, text messages, social media, financial records, geolocation, and forensic artifacts to coexist in a single platform. Using ESI Analyst’s data visualization tools, you can readily identify where communication mediums changed over the course of time, shifting from email to chat or text messages and back, revealing the full evidence-based story.

“For years, ediscovery companies focused their attention on processing, review and hosting of traditional data sources, but today’s environment dictates the need for new solutions,” said Mandi Ross, CEO of Insight Optix. “Modern communication platforms and the proliferation of big data have complicated discovery and driven up costs, making solutions like Evidence Optix® and ESI Analyst necessary gamechangers to help reverse this trend.”

“By using ESI Analyst and Evidence Optix®, legal teams have the ability to pinpoint relevant data from the earliest stages of discovery, thereby drastically reducing downstream costs,” said Trent Livingston, founder and CEO of ESI Analyst. “These solutions are also built with advanced tracking capabilities to mitigate risk and give you the insight you need about your data.”  

About Insight Optix

Insight Optix is a legal technology company that offers Evidence Optix®, a revolutionary SaaS-based technology that operationalizes proportionality in a way never before contemplated.

Evidence Optix® was originally developed by Prism Litigation Technology, a consulting firm with over two decades of experience in the ediscovery industry. Faced with the need to quickly organize custodians and data sources across multiple class actions, Prism developed an attorney-directed workflow to organize and dramatically reduce the scope of discovery. The outcome is Evidence Optix®, a patent-pending approach that quickly identifies relevant custodians and data sources, provides a basis for informed negotiation strategies, establishes cost predictability, and aids in substantiating proportionality arguments.

You can find more information about Evidence Optix® by visiting For more information, please contact us at or connect with us on LinkedIn.

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst is the pioneer in modern data discovery and investigations, addressing a multitude of digital evidence sources beyond the typical electronic document. The platform’s innovative item-centric approach to electronic discovery expands upon traditional document review by combining multiple forms of modern-day communications and disparate data types unlike any other ediscovery SaaS application. Paired with its timeline, metadata analysis and actor matching tools, ESI Analyst enables the investigation and review of a multitude of digital evidence types, all in a single cloud-based platform. This forward-thinking approach to electronic discovery reduces overall spend while empowering legal teams and forensic investigators to tell the entire case story.



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