Intrepid Managed Discovery Partners With ESI Analyst To Expand Modern Data Analysis Offerings For AM LAW 500 And Fortune 500 Companies

Date: November 18, 2020
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ESI Analyst Capabilities Allows Mobile Communication Applications, Geolocation, Financial Transactions And Computer Activities To Be Reviewed Into One Platform.

San Diego, CA, and Seattle, WA – November 19th, 2020 – Intrepid Managed Discovery (Intrepid), a leading forensics, eDiscovery Processing, Data Hosting, Information Governance and Managed Review consultancy firm today announced a partnership with ESI Analyst, a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS Solution that empowers collaborative metadata analysis and investigations. ESI Analyst is a standout among investigation tools, allowing forensic examiners, legal teams and experts to tell the entire case story by combining multiple sources of digital evidence in a single platform. This partnership will allow Intrepid to offer their legal and investigatory clients access to ESI Analyst to manage modern communications, forensic data, geolocation, financial data and social media.

Intrepid's litigation management services include digital  forensics, data processing, hosting, and managed document review  services to Am Law 500 and Fortune 500 companies with a focus on labor & employment, pharmaceutical, general patent, finance and regulatory matters. ESI Analyst’s efficient workflows for eDiscovery and investigations is right at the heart of what Intrepid is streamlining for their clients.

“Our partnership with ESI Analyst allows us to best support our clients with both traditional document discovery and all of these new data types our cases present as evidence,” said Parkash Khatri, Founder and CEO of Intrepid. “Our commitment to constantly improving our cost-effective, cutting-edge technology solutions benefits our clients and prospects nationally.”

“Intrepid brings a wealth of experience in complex legal verticals and implementation of technology solutions across the United States. Intrepid has a loyal client-base that demands they offer customized and advanced technology solutions to ensure best case strategies and success,” says Trent Livingston, founder and CEO of ESI Analyst. “This partnership will allow us to craft solutions specifically addressing modern communication and growing data types that tell the whole story rather than limiting it to email and files.”

Intrepid is offering ESI Analyst as a hosted review platform so their clients have access to the best technology specific to case requirements and management. The legal discovery industry is evolving once again to adapt to the changes in how people communicate, leverage technology and create an evidence trail. Intrepid helps legal teams find that data and leverages ESI Analyst to tell the story.

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst balances the scales of legal discovery by enabling every case or investigation to have access to modern legal technology, regardless of case value. Being a highly efficient and affordable electronic discovery review and investigation platform, ESI Analyst delivers a suite of metadata analysis tools that provide intelligent link analysis, data visualization, reporting and review of multiple disparate forms of modern data, culminating in a succinct graphical timeline of events. To learn more, visit

About Intrepid

Intrepid Managed Discovery, Inc. (Intrepid) simplifies management of the Litigation Life Cycle by providing digital forensic, data processing, hosting, and managed document review services to AM LAW 500 and Fortune 500 companies as a managed services partner. Intrepid’s process and technology portfolio leverages Agile Methodology principals and consists of services and resources that are highly scalable on demand.



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