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Exports from ESI Analyst Seamlessly Convert to Relativity Short Message Format.

Easily Create Chat Threads and Load into Relativity using Message Crawler by Hashtag Legal

ESI Analyst, the cutting edge platform tailored for modern data investigations and electronic discovery, is pleased to announce compatibility with Hashtag Legal's Message Crawler application, which recently released support for conversion of ESI Analyst’s DAT exports for chat-based communications to Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF).

With ESI Analysts’ DAT file and HTML thread exports, users can conduct analysis, cull and export data that can easily be converted into RSMF. The walkthrough video by Nikolai Pozdniakov, the creator of Message Crawler, shows the process to get text message data from ESI Analyst into Relativity. See the 6th video on the complete video manual.

"Our clients leverage ESI Analyst for modern data and messaging review because of our product’s simplicity combined with its graphical analytical and investigations tools”, stated Trent Livingston, CEO of ESI Analyst. “However, some wish to combine this work with Relativity. Being able to convert our exports to an RSMF format gives our clients yet another option to fulfill various production and review requests they may encounter."

Take a closer look at the future of digital forensic investigations and modern electronic discovery. ESI Analyst’s forward-thinking cloud-based solution enables legal teams and investigators to collaborate and work together from any location.

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