ESI Analyst’s CEO Trent Livingston To Speak At The IG3 West Conference

Date: December 3, 2019
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Mobile Forensics And Analysis Takes The Stage Again

As the dividing line between our lives and technology thins, questions concerning privacy and the ownership of our personal data arises. At the intersection of technology and the law, legal professionals are prompted to answer these difficult questions even as the explosion of electronic data sources provides its own set of challenges. Join industry experts and visionaries as they answer these important questions regarding new and growing eDiscovery sources, data privacy, and developments in information governance at Extend Resources: IG3 West eDiscovery & Information Governance on December 8-10th at the Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California.

The panel Mobile Device Forensics 2020: An FAQ Session Regarding eDiscovery and Data Considerations for the Coming Year is scheduled to begin at 2:45 PM on December 10th. 

The event is located at the Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California.

About Extend Resources IG3 West

The IG3 West Conference is designed to help you navigate your way through the sometimes turbulent IG waters. Whether new to IG or just seeking to increase your knowledge, our conference will provide you with an opportunity to hear about the latest issues and strategies. Wade right into educational sessions, panel discussions, and networking events, while meeting with and talking to well-informed, experienced industry professionals, consultants, technologists, and other thought leaders. Many leading vendors from Information Management and eDiscovery, Privacy, Risk and Compliance, and InfoSec, Cybersecurity and Data Protection will be at the exposition hall, ready to answer your questions and address any of your concerns.

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst empowers digital investigators, legal teams and their clients to quickly isolate and extract relevant information and actionable intelligence from a wide variety of ESI in order to speed strategy development and improve matter collaboration, while reducing overall case costs.

ESI Analyst balances the scales of legal discovery by enabling every case or investigation to have access to technological review of case data, regardless of case value. Arrange a demonstration today.

The ESI Analyst team is excited to attend IG3 West, and we look forward to seeing you in Newport Beach!



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