ESI Analyst And Sandline Discovery Announce Channel Partnership

Sandline Discovery Adds ESI Analyst’s Robust Metadata Investigation And Analytics Platform To Their Suite Of Innovative Digital Evidence Solutions.

Seattle, WA and Falls Church, VA – April 9, 2019 – ESI Analyst, a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS Solution that empowers collaborative metadata analysis and investigation, today announced a new channel partnership with Sandline Discovery, a premier legal services provider in the US and Asia. The partnership expands Sandline Discovery’s technology stack to improve investigations that consist of the growing volumes and types of dynamic data.

ESI Analyst is a collaborative SaaS based digital investigation platform that speeds disparate data assessments, timeline creation and review of multiple forms of digital evidence. Its easy to use interface guides analysis of various disparate data types that include text messaging, social media, geolocation, transactions and other relevant metadata, allowing investigators and legal teams to rapidly understand the context and actions of case actors.

Sandline Discovery has earned a strong reputation with firms in the US and abroad for combining legal experience with technical savvy. With their long-established relationships, clients are assured that their needs take priority and that the right balance of result and sensible cost control is a primary focus.

“It's great to be working with the Sandline team. Their depth of knowledge, market tenure and experience surrounding electronic discovery and investigations is a complement to the platform,” proclaimed Chief Strategy Officer Rick Clark. “We could not be more excited to be paired with such a talented group.”

“We’re excited to offer ESI Analyst to our clients,” said Jon Canty, CEO of Sandline Discovery. “We’re seeing more and more dynamic data in new cases, especially investigations. ESI Analyst will help case teams quickly leverage that data and use it to their advantage.”

Given the multitude of emerging data types that have high value in establishing case merit, firms are seeking out investigative platforms that address this growing need. The ESI Analyst channel partnership with Sandline Discovery provides an affordable and effective technology solution that allows their clients to quickly find relevant evidence.  

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analysts seeks to balance the scales of legal discovery by enabling every case or investigation to have access to technology, regardless of case value. As a highly effective and affordable electronic discovery investigation platform, ESI Analyst provides a suite of metadata analysis tools. Leveraging intelligent link analysis, the platform allows for data visualization, reporting and review of multiple disparate forms of metadata, culminating in a succinct graphical timeline of events.

About Sandline Discovery

Sandline Discovery is a premier litigation support and eDiscovery service provider, assisting legal teams in the United States and globally. Sandline specializes in delivering innovative digital evidence solutions with exceptional, high-touch service. Providing digital forensics, eDiscovery solutions, managed review and litigation consulting services, the Sandline team works alongside case teams and attorneys on the most complex discovery matters to deliver insightful service, measurable value, and clarity where there’s complexity. For more information, visit

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Rick Clark

Chief Strategy Officer

Dan Cohen

Director of Business Development



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