ESI Analyst And Litigation Discovery Group Announce Channel Partnership

Date: March 26, 2019
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Relationship Brings Innovative Investigation And Analytics Technology With Local Support To Firms In Las Vegas.

Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV – March, 26, 2019 – ESI Analyst, a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS Solution that empowers collaborative metadata analysis and investigation, today announced a new channel partnership with Litigation Discovery Group (LDG), the premier legal services provider in Las Vegas. Combining technology and experience, LDG is poised to expand discovery and investigation processes to include a wide variety of potentially relevant and robust data sources.

With its full suite of metadata ingestion tools, data visualization and analytics, ESI Analyst provides a collaborative platform to speed data assessment, timeline creation and review.. ESI Analyst brings simplicity to analyzing communications, social media, geolocation, transactions and other metadata types that are important to an investigation, allowing teams to understand the context and actions of case actors.

LDG has earned the reputation for quick response, valuable project management and exceptional quality of work over the last 18 years in Las Vegas and Nationally. Combining 100 years of technical and production experience LDG stands above as the “go-to” service provider in Las Vegas. With their long-established relationships, clients are assured that their needs take priority, balancing results and sensible cost control.

“We are proud to be working with the LDG team. Their depth of knowledge, market tenure and experience surrounding electronic discovery and investigations is a complement to the platform,” said CEO Trent Livingston. “We are excited to be paired with such a talented group.”

“Offering ESI Analyst to the Las Vegas legal community is a tremendous opportunity to change the way law firms approach electronic discovery in the context of investigations,” stated Craig Renard, President and CEO of LDG. “Our adoption of ESI Analyst for our electronic discovery stack sets us apart from all other legal service companies in the Las Vegas area.”

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analyst empowers digital investigators, legal teams and their clients to quickly isolate and extract relevant information and actionable intelligence from a wide variety of ESI in order to speed strategy development and improve matter collaboration, while reducing overall case costs.

ESI Analyst seeks to balance the scales of legal discovery by enabling every case or investigation to have access to technological review of case data, regardless of case value. Our partners believe the same.

About Litigation Discovery Group

LDG is a solutions-oriented eDiscovery and Litigation Support Company. We believe in offering the highest rated products and solutions in order to customer the clients experience based on the needs of the case. LDG also understands the importance of offering a flexible and cost-effective solution to our customers.



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