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ESI Analyst and cDiscovery Announce Channel Partnership

Relationship Brings ESI Analyst’s Enterprising Investigation and Review Platform to Firms in North Carolina and Throughout the United States

Seattle, WA and Greensboro, NC – September 30th, 2019 – ESI Analyst, a Tidal Change Technologies, Inc. SaaS Solution that empowers collaborative data analysis and investigation, today announced a new channel partnership with cDiscovery, a Greensboro, North Carolina based consulting firm specializing in complex eDiscovery solutions and computer forensics and electronic discovery for litigation and internal investigations.

With its full suite of data visualization and analytics paired with native review, ESI Analyst provides a collaborative platform to speed data assessment, timeline creation and review. Its easy to use interface guides analysis of various disparate data types that include text messaging, social media, geolocation, transactions and other relevant metadata, allowing investigators and legal teams to rapidly understand the context and actions of case actors.

cDiscovery is an eDiscovery and litigation services provider focused on providing data, technology, and workflow solutions for teams with complex cases. Since 2015, cDiscovery has used expert consulting and software development services to help eDiscovery teams deliver on large and complex litigation projects involving the DOJ, 2nd Requests, SEC and FDA regulatory matters, and multidistrict litigation.

“We are thrilled to be working with the cDiscovery team,” said Chief Strategy Officer Rick Clark. “Since 2015, their high-quality technical consulting has helped their customers overcome countless eDiscovery data challenges. Their commitment to making easy to use, easy to understand technological solutions meshes perfectly with ESI Analyst’s mission. We couldn’t be more excited to be paired with such a gifted group.”

“I am excited to provide a platform that is intuitive and optimized for emerging data types,” said Clay Cash, Founder of cDiscovery. “The powerful analysis and investigation tools that ESI Analyst makes available are uniquely suited for the multi-dimensional data that is difficult to understand and interpret in a traditional linear document system. More frequently, this data will be in the scope of preservation and litigation and ESI Analyst is positioned to provide great speed, insight, and value for my customers.”

About ESI Analyst

ESI Analysts seeks to balance the scales of legal discovery by enabling every case or investigation to have access to technology, regardless of case value. As a highly effective and affordable electronic discovery investigation platform, ESI Analyst provides a suite of metadata analysis tools. Leveraging intelligent link analysis, the platform allows for data visualization, reporting and review of multiple disparate forms of metadata, culminating in a succinct graphical timeline of events.

About cDiscovery

cDiscovery was founded in 2015 with a simple focus: deliver high-quality technical consulting to help customers overcome eDiscovery data challenges. Immediately, our experience with building software became a differentiator and helped our clients. In 2017, we became a Relativity Developer Partner in order to build tools for an industry-leading platform in the eDiscovery market. We are excited to continue to offer ways for our customers to improve their workflows. That is our passion and it will continue to drive our business. For more information, visit

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