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ESI Analyst And Complete Legal Announce Partnership

Complete Legal partners with ESI Analyst to help their clients tackle modern data challenges.

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ESI Analyst And SullivanStrickler Announce Partnership

SullivanStrickler partners with ESI Analyst to help clients efficiently analyze modern data types.

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New Import Workflows Simplify Deduplication Of Text-Based Communications

ESI Analyst releases significant updates to import workflows, simplifying the ingestion of metadata.

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Webinar: Smartphones And BYOD Impacts On Discovery

Our panel of experts map out the importance and potential obligations of preserving modern data in discovery.

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ESI Analyst’s CEO Interviewed By Author Of CyberOSINT, Stephen E. Arnold

In an interview with Stephen E. Arnold, ESI Analyst’s CEO explain what makes ESI Analyst different from other eDiscovery systems.

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Join ESI Analyst In Atlanta For The Master’s Conference

Join industry experts as they discuss practices and solutions for handling emerging data types.

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George Socha To Help Connect The Dots From Disparate Data With ESI Analyst

Join industry experts as they discuss new practices to tackle this new era of emerging data.

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ESI Analyst And CDiscovery Announce Channel Partnership

ESI Analyst and CDiscovery partnership brings ESI Analyst's platform to firm in North Carolina and throughout the United States.

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Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference September 30th - October 2nd

Representing ESI Analyst at the Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference, CEO Trent Livingston will host a discussion on linked data analysis.

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ESI Analyst And Infinite EDiscovery Solutions Announce Channel Partnership

Infinite EDiscovery Solutions adds ESI Analyst’s pioneering investigation and review platform to their suite of innovative digital evidence solutions.

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Trent Livingston To Moderate Panel “Emerging Data Sources: Connecting The Dots From Disparate Data”

CEO Trent Livingston will moderate The Masters Conference panel concerning overlooked data sources.

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ESI Analyst And Chorus Consulting Announce Channel Partnership

Chorus Consulting parters with ESI Analyst to create visual representations of modern data types.

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