ESI Analyst To Co-Host Webinar With Chorus Consulting

Date: July 30, 2019
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Preservation & Analysis Of Smartphone Data For Today's Connected World

ESI Analyst is excited to announce they are co-hosting an educational webinar with Chorus Consulting on August 6th at 2:00 PM ET. Learn how to include smartphone data with your investigations and discovery with a fluid process from collection through analysis. Gone are the days of reviewing this data in spreadsheets or shoe-horning this data into legacy electronic discovery platforms. 

Register for the event to have John Myers and Trent Livingston walk you through the entire process.

This informative Webinar Addresses:

  • How to direct your client to avoid spoliation
  • Requirements to preserve and collect cell phone data
  • When to call a forensic expert
  • Best ways to analyze data from a cell phone:
    • Text/SMS/MMS including media
    • Chat applications
    • Call logs
    • Geolocation
  • Connecting those elements to create a timeline and tell the story

ESI Analyst in partnership with Chorus Consulting are able to provide a streamlined process from preservation to analysis to export of pertinent data found in the most evidence rich device -- smartphones.

See what the top experts and analysts do to manage these aspects of discovery and investigations.

About The Speakers

Mr. John Myers is an eDiscovery and Digital Forensics professional with over 25 years of experience assisting clients with solutions in various industries including IT, electronic discovery, consumer goods and hospitality. He holds a B.A. in Business, has held leadership positions in several large consulting firms and worked with over 100 law firms and corporations. He holds several industry certificates of training and is a licensed Private Investigator/Qualified Manager in the State of Texas

Mr. Trent Livingston has provided consulting and expert testimony surrounding structured data, process automation, and complex data analytics throughout his two-decade career in electronic discovery and technology. With his deep and personal understanding of the cost and complexities facing electronic discovery investigations, Mr. Livingston has teamed with industry professionals spanning computer forensics to forensic accountants to innovate the data visualization and investigation technology platform ESI Analyst.

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