ESI Analyst Releases New Burst Pricing Model

Date: January 13, 2021
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2021 Pricing Updates Include Project Burst Rates For Any Sized Project And Reduced Archiving Rates

ESI Analyst, the data focused electronic discovery investigation and review platform, announces new scalable burst pricing models that scale for all matters, large or small. ESI Analyst Partners are now able to scale review and analysis of millions of chat-based communications, geolocation, computer activity and more, effectively budgeting for a multitude of matters. Burst rates can span three, six or twelve month increments and can be consumed across multiple matters.

“Corporate communications have definitely shifted away from email to collaborative platforms such as Slack and Teams. Document based review platforms typically need these conversations converted to some sort of document first, making them extremely cost-prohibitive,” stated Trent Livingston, CEO of ESI Analyst. “Preserving data at the item level until production not only keeps costs down, but our burst pricing accommodates the high message volumes many of these platforms generate.”

With the advent of team-based collaboration platforms and the proliferation of mobile communications the face of electronic discovery is rapidly changing. Message volumes are increasing at an amazing pace given today’s fast-moving corporations see email as being antiquated. Slack has over 10 million users sending 1.5 billion messages per month, which eclipses email when it comes to managing discovery.

ESI Analyst continues to be the pioneer in modern data discovery and investigations, combining traditional document review with multiple forms of modern-day communications and disparate data types while reducing overall discovery spend. ESI Analyst allows legal teams and forensic investigators to tell the entire case story by combining multiple sources of digital evidence in a single platform.



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