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Case Studies

Dirty Deals and Underhanded Dealings Defeated Through Diligence

Reconstructed Text Message chains and a telling voicemail tips the scales

When a partner of a commercial real estate company caught wind of fraudulent deals being penned by the other partners of the firm, he decided to take action. However, one of the partners involved caught wind that there may be trouble, and quickly began a coordinated effort to destroy the digital trail evidence. Text messages were removed from devices and cloud-based backups destroyed.

A Ticking Time Clock Tells the Tale of Hours Worked

Analysis of Time Entries and User Activity Used to Determine Totality of Workday

Wage and hour class actions require specificity of aligning claims to the class. Much of this data usually resides in a multitude of platforms ranging from off-the-shelf software to proprietary timekeeping systems that often prove challenging to align and fully understand.

Text messages and cell tower triangulation makes for a murder mystery most foul

Phones analyzed for message content and cell tower location data

Today’s criminals do not plan their crimes via email and zoom exchanging PowerPoint slides. And when it comes to solving today’s complex crimes, identifying technological data points that can prove innocence or guilt beyond a reasonable doubt are at the heart of every investigation. From Fitbits to burner phones, today’s criminals leave a trail of digital fingerprints that require modern investigative technology.

Communication Frequency Analysis Reveals Production Slights

"Mind the Gap" Should be Top of Mind

The contentiousness of litigation often results in electronic discovery being weaponized. Voluminous amounts of data are produced and separating the wheat from the chaff using linear review and keyword searches of opposing counsel’s productions can become costly, exploding budgets and burying review teams in busy work. 

SEC Scrutiny Requires Production of WhatsApp Communications

Key Common Communications Quickly Revealed Amongst Matter Actors

As with any publicly traded company, any M&A activity is required to go through a certain level of scrutiny prior to obtaining approval. ESI Analyst was recently leveraged to identify relevant communications requested as part of this process. The data in question surrounded text and multimedia-based communications between executives leveraging the popular smartphone app called “WhatsApp”.

Smartphone Software Application Logs Reveal Fictitious User Activity

ESI Analyst Uncovers Automated User Profile Creation within App

If you want something done, the saying “There’s an app for that” isn’t far behind. One of ESI Analyst’s Channel Partners was approached with a unique problem. One of their clients had an issue where users of a commercial smartphone app were suspected of inundating it with fictitious profiles using some sort of automated smartphone emulation or “bot” technology. The database for the application was not readily available. However, there were a significant number of application logs that had recorded each end-user’s interaction with the application.

Geolocation Data Reveals Individual's Whereabouts

Travel Coincides with Relevant Matter Events, Providing Context to Predispositions

ESI Analyst's data investigation and analysis tools were called upon to understand the actions of an individual suspected to be involved with cyber-bullying using social media. The investigation began with the individual's smartphone, which was imaged to preserve and extract potentially relevant data and text-based communications. Analysis of the data extracted from the phone quickly revealed there was much more than just communications that solidified the suspected actions and motivations of this individual.

Rapid Identification of Relevant Text Messages Expedites Production

ESI Analyst's Actor Linking Technology Speeds Discovery

A civil litigation required the production of text messages from the litigant's iPhone. The iPhone was imaged and all forms of text-based communications were extracted, which included iMessage, SMS and MMS. The chat threads included images, video, as well as animated gifs that required expedited analysis to meet early production deadlines. 

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