Case Study Category: Investigation

One Case, Hundreds of International Sources

Dean Felicetti from Sullivan Strickler collaborates with ESI Analyst to discuss a case study involving hundreds of mobile devices.

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Cell Phone Chats Crack a Moonlighting Case

Greg Freemyer and Wayne Cartwright discuss how ESI Analyst’s threading feature revealed relevant smartphone data for a moonlighting case.

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Mitigating the Risk of Trade Secret Cases

Greg Freemyer and Wayne Cartwright discuss a relevant case in which employees possessed confidential information after resigning.

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Geolocation Data Reveals Individual's Whereabouts

ESI Analyst's data investigation and analysis tools were called upon to understand the actions of an individual suspected of cyber-bullying.

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SEC Scrutiny Requires Production Of WhatsApp Communications

ESI Analyst was recently leveraged to identify relevant Whatsapp communications.

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Text Messages And Cell Tower Triangulation Makes For A Murder Mystery Most Foul

When one of our Partners needed to analyze and cross reference messages, ESI Analyst quickly linked actors to the calls, texts, and geolocations.

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Dirty Deals And Underhanded Dealings Defeated Through Diligence

In response to a case of fraudulent deals, investigators utilized ESI Analyst’s active threading functionality to reconstruct conversations.

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