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Closing The Contextual Loop In Digital Investigations

Though often overlooked, digital breadcrumbs hold context that can be enlightening in an investigation.

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Assembling The Digital Breadcrumbs We Leave Behind

If you are focused solely on traditional document-based electronic discovery, you may be missing a plethora of evidence.

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How Digital Breadcrumbs And Linked Data Are Transforming Investigations

Simplifying digital breadcrumbs and its impact on the world as we know it.

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Using Link Analysis To Define Data Relationships In Investigations

In an investigation, link analysis provides invaluable insight into patterns, context, and intent.

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Metadata And Electronic Discovery: Content Vs Context

Every app, every file, every digital thing created has associated metadata. But gathering and presenting metadata is not without its challenges.

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When Is A Document Not Really A Document?

When it comes to metadata, is it a document or is it just data? This clash in definition creates confusion and obstacles in investigations.

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How Discovery Costs Are Increasing The Justice Gap

The costs associated with discovery push civil litigation out of reach of many individuals and families, further widening the justice gap.

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Timelines In Investigations

With the advent of big data combined with the powerful graphical tools of the web, timelines have since evolved into amazing storytelling tools. Today’s technologies have empowered the digital age of time transformation, yielding a plethora of timeline software and timeline rendering technology.

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