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ESI Analyst Disparate Data DiscoveryESI Analyst is a cloud-based electronic discovery investigation platform that empowers legal teams and investigators with a suite of data visualization, reporting, review and tagging tools, all culminating in a powerful timeline presentation of facts. Leveraging the Dublin Core Metadata Interoperability standards paired with the power of metadata link analysis, ESI Analyst speeds electronic discovery and investigations lowering overall case costs.

Our simple and easy to use "Click-Through to Investigate" graphical analysis tools render visual representations of multiple relevant data types spanning text messages, email, social media, geolocation, computer forensic data, transactions and more. Our SaaS based platform expedites early case assessment and analysis, enabling the rapid understanding of data context combined with the actions of case actors; whether a single individual or multiple actors of varying relevance to your matter.

ESI Analyst's project team interface can be accessed from anywhere, enabling investigators, experts and counsel to communicate and collaborate, so that they can better advocate on their client’s behalf. 

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Want to see how ESI Analyst can help your legal or litigation support practice? We are currently seeking Channel Partners to be part of our new wave of discovery innovation. Contact us directly or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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