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Modernizing investigations 

Today’s digital evidence spans a multitude of devices, platforms and data sources. The breadth of potential evidence continues to expand and includes everything from a myriad of communication platforms, social media chat applications, users' online activities, computer forensic artifacts and financial transactions. The digital trail of evidence being generated by today’s connected world can be daunting.

ESI Analyst ingests a multitude of modern data sources that are often dealt with in a siloed fashion, bringing them to life in a single platform to tell the entire story. ESI Analyst does so in an effective and intuitive timeline manner, quickly surfacing evidence-based information allowing legal teams to focus on the merits of a matter rather than the costs.

ESI Analyst combines multiple modern data types and facilitates:

Easy review of modern data in a single platform
Accessibility to eDiscovery  for any sized matter
Automated timelines that tell the entire story 

Consolidation of Multiple Platforms

ESI Analyst is the only solution that ingests, culls, investigates, and assembles multiple modern data types preserving the context and order to facilitate simple investigation and review.  ESIA leads to quicker strategic decisions, speedier resolutions and a simple path to the truth.

Arguably the most import evidence lies in today's modern data types: Text messages, SMS, MMS, Slack, MS Teams, WeChat, Skype, geolocation, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, financial records, computer forensic artifacts and more.  ESI Analyst provides you with the only solution that assembles all of these data types like a puzzle to tell the entire story and see the big picture.

Tell the Entire Story

These modern data types were not created with litigation in mind, yet now are mission critical to reach the truth in every matter.  

ESI Analyst makes that process simple and intuitive in a consumable manner.

Create custom timelines to navigate case teams through the entire story through the who, what, when and even the where through today's modern digital evidence. 

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