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Enabling Every Case Or Investigation Access To Electronic Discovery Technology

Helping Balance The Scales Of Legal Discovery

Inadequate access to legal services is a roadblock one should never face. The cost of litigation is high, and electronic discovery is often a large contributor to those costs. ESI Analyst’s mission is to democratize discovery, enabling every case or investigation access to investigative and legal review technology, regardless of case value.

There is an ever-growing justice gap that needs to be met, and ESI Analyst is here to assist. According to the LSC, the justice gap represents the difference between the level of civil legal assistance available and the level that is necessary to meet the legal needs of individuals. Of the estimated 1.7 million civil legal problems for which low-income Americans seek LSC-funded legal aid, upwards of 72% received inadequate or no legal assistance.

While every matter may not be a fit for our product, if there is a need, we want to help where we can. Too often we hear of cases where there is digital evidence that will help prove the litigants’ assertions, but the cost of discovery is a barrier to access. This lack of access to electronic discovery technology forces legal teams to resort to archaic and sometimes indefensible digital evidence management practices. ESI Analyst and our Partners are here to help. 

Of the estimated 1.7 million civil legal problems for which low-income Americans seek LSC-funded legal aid, upwards of 72% received inadequate or no legal assistance.

ESI Analyst is a self-service, cloud-based data investigation platform that aids legal teams, clients, and their partners with review and analysis of disparate types of case data. Relevant material and the actions of matter actors become readily identifiable in a format that will allow teams and their clients to work collaboratively. Leveraging intelligent link analysts, ESI Analyst allows for data visualization, reporting, and review of multiple disparate forms of electronic evidence, culminating in a succinct graphical timeline of events.

The team that created ESI Analyst understands the rising cost of discovery, especially when it comes to the overwhelming amount of electronic data subject to potential review and production. These rising costs can mean that many cases go without the technology that could help lead to a successful outcome. After experiencing the burdening costs of the legal system first hand, Trent Livingston, Founder and CEO of ESI Analyst and a veteran of the electronic discovery industry, sought to level the electronic discovery playing field for all by pioneering ESI Analyst.

At the heart of our company’s philanthropic mission is a deep commitment to bringing the best possible legal technology to those underserved and frequently overlooked matters by offering ESI Analyst completely free of charge or at a reduced licensing rate. If you believe your matter qualifies, please fill out the form below with your information and a short summary of your needs, and we will conduct a comprehensive assessment.

Once we receive your request, our team will contact you and work to connect you with the proper resources, as well as arrange a demonstration of our software.

We thank you for your interest in ESI Analyst.


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