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Webinar: Modern Data Dilemma: Time to Rethink Discovery?

Learn about Modern Data Discovery from Industry Thought Leaders from Collections to Production

At the dawn of this century, a new phase of legal discovery began and a transformation from paper-based discovery to digital discovery changed legal discovery forever. Since then, the amount of data and types of data sources has grown exponentially – although the (FRCP) rules governing ESI have remained relatively unchanged.

Today, as “modern data” evolves, another discovery transformation is occurring and legal professionals must consider not only traditional corporate email and data stored in-office computers, servers, and modern-day data warehouses but also a myriad of other data sources such as mobile devices, cloud-based apps, webmail, social media websites and even home appliances. The emergence of modern data brings more complexities and challenges but, if utilized correctly, can also bring advantages to those legal professionals who are able to quickly collect, organize, review, and utilize modern data to support their cases.

To stay ahead of the curve, modern data requires that legal professionals reconsider and refine their case strategies, ESI workflows and protocols, discovery requests, and productions while taking advantage of the cutting-edge discovery tools now available on the market. 

Who – Any legal professional involved with civil and criminal data discovery.

What – The discussion is on the importance of defensible, forensically sound, data collection analysis.

When – December 2, 2020 at 2pm EST– Webinar Register Here

Why – Digitalization of communication has accelerated and will continue to do so.

Esteemed Panelists

Rick Clark, Co-Founder and VP of Client Services at ESI Analyst. – Moderator
Shauna Fulbright-Paxton, Employment & Litigation Counsel at Abbott Labs. 
Chris Tragasz, Lead Cyber Forensics Analyst at CDK Global. 
Jeremy Schaper, CTO & Special Master of eDiscovery & Social Media at BlueStar.

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