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Preservation & Analysis Of Smartphone Data For Today's Connected World

Chorus Consulting and ESI Analyst Webinar Recap

ESI Analyst in conjunction with Chorus Consulting hosted a webinar on August 6th at 2:00 PM ET. The discussion began with how to include smartphone data with your investigations and discovery and transitioned to telling the story of what can be found in smart phone data. 

Below is the link to the presentation slides in which you will find a link to the full video recording of the webinar. 

The webinar fostered great discussion from Trent Livingston and John Myers> Key takeaways included fascinating examples of smartphone metadata that include geolocation and EXIF data contained in digital images. Other examples demonstrated were how compiling multiple data points into a timeline creates a story, and general preservation and collection of smartphone data. 

At a highlight, the webinar addressed:

  • How to direct your client to avoid spoliation
  • Requirements to preserve and collect cell phone data
  • When to call a forensic expert
  • Best ways to analyze data from a cell phone:
    • Text/SMS/MMS including media
    • Chat applications
    • Call logs
    • Geolocation
  • Connecting those elements to create a timeline and tell the story

ESI Analyst in partnership with Chorus Consulting are able to provide a streamlined process from preservation to analysis to export of pertinent data found in the most evidence rich device -- smartphones.

See what the top experts and analysts do to manage these aspects of discovery and investigations.

To learn more about ESI Analyst, request a full demonstration.

Download Webinar Slides and Video Link

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