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Executive Team

VP of Technology and Information Security

Charlie Platt, VP of Technology, has over three decades of experience working on data analysis, digital forensics, cybersecurity, information systems, and eDiscovery. He is a testifying expert and has testified in both Federal and State court on topics related to cybersecurity, digital forensics, and eDiscovery.

VP of Development

Abdulah “Dooley” Pouriliaee has been a developer since he started coding in Color Basic on his Tandy Color Computer 3 in 1984 and is a certified alumni of the Centre for Arts and Technology in the Okanagan. As the internet grew, so too did his skills developing web technologies. Since then he has taken on roles with companies within the industry creating various technology solutions.

Co-Founder & VP of Client Services

Mr. Richard “Rick” Clark began his career in Orlando serving the legal community in a full spectrum of discovery and data related services. As the industry evolved to adopt technology with the growing needs in including data as a part of the discovery process, Mr. Clark expanded his technology skill set to include information governance, litigation readiness, and analytics applications spanning platforms and workflows that encompass the full spectrum of the EDRM.

VP of Sales & Marketing

Rob Lekowski is a 20+ year forensic & eDiscovery industry veteran. Throughout his career Rob has been known for his work introducing new and innovative technology to the legal and investigation services market. Rob has recruited and coached some of the very best in the legal industry. His focus on building people, process and technology has ignited significant growth for every organization that has had the pleasure to work with him. 

Founder & CEO

Mr. Trent Livingston has provided consulting and expert testimony surrounding structured data, process automation, and complex data analytics throughout his two-decade career in electronic discovery and technology. With his deep and personal understanding of the cost and complexities facing electronic discovery investigations, Mr. Livingston has teamed with industry professionals spanning computer forensics to forensic accountants to innovate the data visualization and investigation technology platform ESI Analyst. Currently, as the company’s CEO, he works with his team to answer the challenges facing the industry and today’s voluminous data-centric investigations by pioneering affordable and effective integrated data visualization, review, and reporting solutions.

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