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Lowering the barriers to digital investigations for modern data

Driving Results through Data.

On average, for every single minute of the day, an estimated 91.3M messages* are sent electronically, and not one of them via email.
Is your electronic discovery investigation platform prepared to handle today's modern data types?

Social Media Posts
SMS & MMS Messages
Collaboration Tools
Messaging Apps

About ESI Analyst

Investigating Modern Data - Simply and Intuitively

a standout amongst eDiscovery investigation tools

ESI Analyst allows forensic investigators, legal teams and experts to tell the entire case story by combining multiple sources of digital evidence in a single platform! ESI Analyst powers matter timelines, charts, reports, review and production of multiple forms of modern electronic evidence at an affordable price point. A SaaS-based solution, ESI Analyst is accessible from anywhere, enabling case teams to communicate, collaborate and investigate unlike ever before!

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Advanced Hosting

Each client instance of ESI Analyst is isolated to its own heavily secure VPC. Deploy to anywhere AWS supports (including GovCloud). 

Data Security

Two-factor authentication, paired with project role-based user level permissions, and PII field level encryption for data security and regulatory compliance.

Saved Searches

Expedite review and analysis using our saved search functionality! Available for data review and all graphic analysis tools.


Every project has a built-in discussion board where users can share notes and documents, making for seamless collaboration. 

Unlimited Users

Add and remove users as needed at the Project level at your convenience and without hesitation. No administrative assistance required! 

Simple Licensing

No per gigabyte fees! Predicable and affordable item-based licensing, with ability to archive inactive projects for cost savings.

Custom Tagging

Create your own custom tags for review. Tags can be applied in bulk and leveraged to filter work performed to date. 

Work Globally

Users can log in from anywhere to collaborate on case facts, upload new data, and perform analysis and review.  

Investigate Faster

"Click-Through to Investigate" graphical Insights and Analysis tools speed investigation, tagging and review of relevant data. 


Investigating SMS, Text, #Slack and More

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Want to see how ESI Analyst can help your legal or litigation support practice? We are currently seeking Partners to be part of our new wave of discovery innovation. Contact us directly or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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